Happy New Year!!

The end of 2011 also means the end to the 365 Project - 2011!  Some of you may remember I started the year taking a photo a day to compile into a book at the end of the year.  At the beginning I posted them on FB but eventually felt bad for boring everyone with yet another picture of my kid and yet another playground.  But I did still continue to take photos (almost) every day.  Some days it was really hard to pick just one.  Other days it was really hard to FIND just one!  Now at the end of the year (with a little cheating and 15,468 photos later), I have 348 pages documenting 2011 (not perfect but not too bad for a first try!).  I'm not a good journal-er (my blog can attest to that!) so I am so grateful to have this photo diary of all the little things that we think we'll never forget, but do!  Plus I have a visual reminder of just how much little ones change in a year!Things I've learned if anyone else is inspired to try for 2012:Not to be too strict, stress out about, or beat myself up about it.  Just pick the camera up again tomorrow and 200 images or even 5 images at the end of the year is better than none.Even crappy photos can be memorable.  Who cares if it's blurry or cropped weird if it speaks to YOU.Pick a broader subject.  I picked "Chance" for 2011 and while there's nothing I love more than taking pictures of my kid, it got limiting, and he got irritated!So, for 2012 my theme will be "My LIfe" and everything that encompasses.  I'm starting off with a challenge, or at least a list of good ideas to work from! :)

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