Choosing a location for your portrait session is everything...well, except outfits, but that's for another post.Luckily San Diego has great weather and plenty of outdoor options to choose from.  Here is a list of some of my favorite spots, chosen for accessibility, variety, and great afternoon light.  While these are some of the standard locations, I'm always open to suggestions and trying something new!


1. Moonlight Beach, Encinitas - lots of variety of backdrops, usually easy parking and plenty of sand on high tide afternoons makes this beach a good bet.See more from this session HERE


2. San Dieguito Park - This is a gorgeous park any time of the year, lots of room to move around and usually deserted. Fall leaves = BONUS!  Parking is $3.See more from this session HERE


3. Open fields - I LOVE me some open space to frolic!  It's nice to get away from crowds and into nature and we have some great spots to choose from.  I have a few favorites around the Rancho Santa Fe/Solana Beach area that look great in every season.See more from this session HERE


4. Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad - This is a charming old homestead buried in a residential part of Carlsbad with adobe buildings, rustic barns and even wild peacocks!  It is a very popular spot for photographers so be prepared to share the space with  other families during the busy fall season.See more from this session HERE


5. Old Poway Park, Poway - A beautiful, tree-filled park with railroad tracks, old train cars, and charming rustic buildings makes this a great spot.See more of this session HERE


7. Downtown, Encinitas - There are endless colorful walls, mural, and cool textures all within a couple of blocks.  Good light for morning sessions, too!See more from this session HERE


8. Scripps Pier, La Jolla - Lots of sand and pretty cliffs at this beach.  Public parking is easy on the weekends but be prepared to wait in line to get the "money" shot at sunset under the pier.See more from this session HERE


9. Cottonwood Creek Park, Encinitas - Another great park, easy to get to and park, lots of great green trees plus it's a 2 minute drive to the beach, so you have the option to finish on the sand for sunset!See more from this session HERE


10. Olivenhain Town Hall, Olivenhain - Charming, rustic little town hall, with lots of dark wood and eucalyptus trees, you'll forget you're in San Diego.See more from this session HERE


11. Centennial Park, Coronado - The best place I know the get a great view of the San Diego skyline.See more from this session HERE


12. Balboa Park, San Diego - So many places to go, you could do a session here every year and it could look like a different location.  Summer weekends and winter during and after December Nights can be VERY challenging to find parking or a quiet place to shoot.  Weekday afternoons are preferred.See more of this session HERE


13. Cedros Ave., Solana Beach - this street is funky, eclectic, with lots of bright colors and urban backgrounds to choose from.  To get the most from this location, be prepared to stroll and stop every few feet for a photo op.See more from this session HERE


15. Studio - never underestimate "understated".  There's a reason this look never goes out of style.  Either at your home or my Sorrento Valley studio, a simple white or charcoal backdrop and beautiful lighting can be as gorgeous as any fancy location.  Plus, you never have to worry about the weather!