Happy anniversary to us!

3 years and one day ago, Tyler and I got a crazy idea…Let's just go to Vegas and get married!And 3 years ago today, Tyler and I were racing to the Las Vegas courthouse at 11:45pm because the date 5/25 sounded much better than 5/26, got in line behind a pregnant couple and a drunk couple, and got that little piece of paper that called us HUSBAND AND WIFE!  Then we were whisked away (alright, so we got hustled by the sharks waiting outside the courthouse) to the Stained Glass Chapel where we exchanged sterling silver bands we bought for 10 bucks a piece in front of a crazy lady with a platinum wig with a statue of Elvis in the background.  By 12:15am we were headed to the hotel, ridiculously happy and totally in love.And I would do it all over again!  Happy anniversary, Tyler!